Charles and Bridget Galbraith

Dear Daniela
PS If anyone asks me for a reference for climbing or safari I will recommend Mamuya highly. For the climb, I couldn’t recommend it more highly. The game lodges (except maybe the very first night – and I do understand that you arranged that at the very last minute – which was exceedingly difficult and wonderful) were really superb. I will certainly recommend the safari if anyone asks me.

Stanley was really easy to be with and knowledgable, friendly, really polite and a great safe driver but, and I hope you will take this kindly, as I mean it, I would recommend him to put forward his thoughts about the animals and plants to clients rather than sometimes politely waiting for them to ask questions. He certainly knew the answer to every question and his knowledge was superb. He should have more confidence in what he has to say….we loved all of it….and it is the story and education that he can give his clients that add so much value. I would say to him to have more confidence, the clients want to hear everything you have to say.

If you do mention this to Stanley, please put it in the context of what a good experience we had. He showed us a multitude of animals and we really enjoyed our time with him.

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